Maintaining your security system

As with everything, things go smoothly at the start. However, after years of use things can take their toll. We ourselves visit the doctor for a check-up, and change the oil and tyres on our cars when necessary. The same goes for your security system.

To ensure it works as expected every time, we advise taking out a maintenance contract, or at the very least having your system maintained every two to three years. 

Excellent customer service is at the core of what we offer. We are always available to clients even years after having their system installed.

Q.  When should I take out a maintenance contract.

All our intruder alarms have a 2 year parts warranty. However, it is advisable to take out a maintenance contract from day 1.


Q.  Can I take out a maintenance contract on an older system?

Yes. We keep a history report on all our systems, meaning we know what is involved before going to site. We discuss a maintenance option with new customers from take over systems on request.


Q.  Do you provide maintenance on CCTV systems.

Yes. We recommend taking out contracts to ensure the best possible quality from all your cameras, in particularly external cameras. 


If you'd like to arrange a maintenance call, you can email us or call anytime to arrange one.